Special Event and Numismatic Covers

What are special event and Numismatic Covers?

The Vatican City has issued covers for special events or Holydays (Easter, Christmas, etc.).  In addition, the Vatican City also issues cover with a proof coin in the cover.  I have added pictures to help explain.

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Canonization of John Paul II 



Canonization of John Paul II Vatican and Poland Cover w/ Vatican and Poland Silver Stamps

Front & Back scans



 Coronation of Francesco 



Pope Francesco I Coronation Mixed Franking FDC (w/ Vatican, Italy and Argentina)



Numismatic Covers




Year of Priests 2010 $125.00
International Youth Year 2011 $80.00

Special Event Covers




Nativity 1996 $3.00

Popes of the Jubilee: Boniface VIII, Clement VII and Urban VI (set of 3), PV1-3 $8.50

Easter 1997, PV4 $3.00

Popes of the Jubilee: Nicholas V, Martin V, Boniface IX (set of 3), PV5-7 $8.50

1998 Towards the Year 2000, PV 23 $3.00

Nativity 1998, PV24 $3.00

Popes of the Jubilee: Clemens XIV, Pius VI, Leo XII, Pius IX (set of 3), PV25-27 $8.50

Easter 1999, PV28 $3.00

Popes of the Jubilee: Pius XI, Leo XIII (set of 3), PV29-31 $8.50

Popes of the Jubilee: Pius XII, PaulVI, John Paul II (set of 3), PV32-34 $8.50

Nativity 1999, PV35 $3.00

Jubilee Year 2000 PV36 $3.00

Easter 2000 PV37 $3.00

John Paul II 80th Birthday PV38 $3.00

Jubilee for Young People PV39 $3.00

Easter 2001 PV42 $3.00

John Paul II Pilgrimage of Peace PV43 $3.00

Nativity 2001 PV44 $3.00

Easter 2002 PV45 $3.00

Proclamation of the Year of the Rosary PV46 $3.00

25th Anniversary of John Paul II PV49 $4.00

John Paul II the Great folder

(containing a cover cancelled on 2 April 2005 (day of passing) and another cover from one of his many pilgrimages)


Habemus Papam (we have a Pope) Benedict XVI 10 April 2005 $6.00

Beautification of Pius IX and John XXIII $4.00


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