Philatelic Participation

What are Philatelic Participation items?

On occasion the Vatican City will be participate at philatelic conventions.  As part of the participation the Vatican may have a special cancellation, special show folder, souvenir sheet or postcard.  The postcards and souvenir sheets has not postal value affixed and are typically given to visitor to the Vatican booth at the show.  These sheets and postcards are part of the annual Vaticano yearbook.

A few of these items are listed below.


Philatelic Show




Brussels Fair 1958 Vatican #242A souvenir sheet with special cancellation and special envelope $30.00
San Marino 1977 Show Folder $7.50
Europa 1978 Show Folder $7.50
Riccione 1979 Show Folder $7.50
Eurphila 1979 Show Folder $7.50
Palermo 1979 Show Folder $7.50
Eurphila 1980 Show Folder $7.50
San Marino 1982 Show Postcard (front and inside) with special cancellation $5.00
Brazil 1983 Show Postcard $7.50
Capex 1987 Show souvenir sheet with cancelled stamp $12.00
Show souvenir sheet $10.00
Show souvenir sheet in folder $11.00
World Stamp Expo (Washington DC) 1989 Show Postcard $5.00
Capex 1996 Show souvenir sheet $5.00
Pacific 1997 Show souvenir sheet $8.50

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