The Penny Black Stamp Company specializes exclusively in Vatican City philatelic material.  For over 100 years the Penny Black Stamp Company has been a family run business synonymous with quality in the philatelic world.  We specialize in Vatican City, past as well as new issues.  Our new issue service is complete.  We offer fast friendly service at prices that are competitive or better.  Shipments are sent as soon as the material is received.   Material is sent approximately 5 times a year except year sets or when previously instructed by you.   

The Penny Black Stamp Company was founded in 1912 by my father, Sam L. Bayer in Europe.  During his life in Europe my father created early airmail and zeppelin flight covers.  Today these covers are sought by philatelic collectors all over the world.  In the 1940's my father moved Penny Black Stamp Company to Nassau Street in New York, which later became the stamp dealer center in New York.  In the 1950's Penny Black Stamp Company moved to Dumont, New Jersey.  After my father died in 1973, my mother Madeline S. Bayer ran the company until passing the company to me in 1985.  In 1985, Penny Black Stamp Company and I have moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In 1996 we settled in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.  Finally in 2002 we moved to our current residence in Dexter, Michigan.  The moves are a result of my full-time Research and Development job in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Please look around and give me any feedback (good or bad).  I will try to continually update this page. 

Thank You,   

Daniel L. Bayer

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