Collection Folders Issued by The Vatican

What is a Collection Folder?

Since 1997 the Vatican City has issued collection folders containing a single issue or a series of stamps dealing with the same topic.  For example the collection folder for "Towards the Holy Year" is a 16-page booklet contains the 1995 through 1999 "Towards the Holy Year 2000" stamps and the 2000 Holy Year 200 set.  The most famous is the "Pro Terremotati 1997" or Earthquake Folder which contains the 1990 Caritas overprinted souvenir sheet.

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Stamps in Folder



Towards the Holy Year

(16-page booklet)

Towards the Holy Year sets:

#996-9, #1015-18,

#1052-5, #1081-4, #1113-6

Holy Year 2000 #1137-40


Popes and The Holy Years

(20-page booklet)

Popes of Jubilee sets:

#1065-72, #1095-1102 and #1141-9


Pope John Paul II 80th Birthday 3-pane folder

Vatican and Poland issues for John Paul II 80th B'Day


Synod of European Bishops Triptych Folder



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